The Sun Shines Through: How to Save Your Own Life (and other misadventures)

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  • Author Name: Sharon King
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publication Date: 28/11/2019

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The story of two cancers and cannabis oil.

The Sun Shines Through is a compelling and extraordinary memoir from Sharon King. Told from the heart, it is a true account of love and loss, and the use of cannabis oil to treat lung cancer (his) and breast cancer (hers).

Spanning the years 2012 to 2019, the memoir recalls the lives of a married couple, both diagnosed in the same year of 2013, and their attempts to save their own lives.

Using diary entries, social media posts and memory, the book is engaging and beautifully written with both humour and clarity. It is an intimate portrayal of a couple’s life together and apart, and the universal and passionate need for hope.

Sharon King lives in Peebles, Scottish Borders. Her main career has spanned 30 years as a professional singer-songwriter, working at grass-roots level – touring the UK and writing, recording and producing four albums over twelve years. She still plays occasional gigs but enjoys spending as much time as possible travelling and walking with her ‘clever wee dog’, Frida Kahlo. Sharon is also a breast cancer survivor and is widowed. She says, “I was driven to write this book. I needed to process so much and this ended up being my way of approaching it. I am glad that I wrote it all down, it’s been such a monumental journey to get here and so much gets lost in the emotional noise of grief and panic. I hope others can find some companionship in the book, some resonation with their own situations, some acceptance of the madness of grief, and, maybe some hope too.”

8 reviews for The Sun Shines Through: How to Save Your Own Life (and other misadventures)

  1. Andrew Anderson – Head for Maggie’s Centre, Edinburgh

    What an outstanding, raw, painful, uplifting, hopeful and most of all, honest book. This will act as such a great resource for so many people and such a great learning tool for people supporting people in grief. I really appreciate you talking so candidly of your experience with Maggie’s and Marie Curie and I hope it helps to break barriers for others.

  2. Grey Wolf

    The Sun Shines Through is a beautifully written account of two peoples struggle to survive lung and breast cancer. It is and honest and poignant love story. A sometimes raw, sometimes uplifting account of their struggle to save themselves and each other. The power of love shines through this beautifully written memoir.

  3. Miss C

    Sharon King’s The Sun Shines Through is a raw and honest account of her heartbreaking journey through two cancer diagnoses, her husband’s tragic death and their attempts to save their lives through the use of cannabis oil. Her writing is straight from the heart, and navigates their extraordinary ordeal with frankness, love and compassion. Wholeheartedly recommended.

  4. Amazon Customer

    I read this book in one go…and was struck by the love these two wonderful humans shared. It is a very sad story but a story about never giving up hope. It also highlights the difficulties and complexities of medicinal cannabis. I like the way the author uses Facebook posts and weaves them into the story.

  5. Katriona Harding

    What a story. Beautifully written, heartbreakingly honest, desperately sad but also hopeful. A true tale of loss, courage, despair and love, and how friendship and connection mean everything.

  6. Roy Popham

    This a story of love, despair, resilience and hope in the face of overwhelming circumstances. The author uses notes from her diary, her social media posts and her own honest reflections to give us insight into a life living with cancer, her own and her husbands, both diagnosed in the same year. Some books touch your heart and this is one of them. The emotions are raw, the poetry evocative and somehow, through the loss and grief, the sun does shine through.

  7. Ms Amanda Harding

    This beautiful heart wrenching yet hopeful book touched my heart. It inspires both fear and hope. The raw reality of the fear and the glimpses of hope, the futility of life in that we all know we will die; the fact that life goes on. The strongest most durable thread is love and that lives on forever. Sharon writes straight from the heart in a compelling fascinating tale of two lives, one love, pain and humour and survival.

  8. Lindsey Jolliffe

    I just want to say I am in absolute awe of this book. Such openness, honesty and very intimate insight into desperate struggles..a real recognition of human frailty and the complete and utter vulnerability of loving…so so worth it, but so so painful. The hole that grief leaves and the threads of slow repair that never quite fill the gap..and the fact that you cannot change the past. Sharon is a force for hope. I could not put this book down and found finding the words to explain the effect it had on me a challenge.

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