The Ayahuasca Chronicles


  • Author Name: Fearghal O'Laigh
  • Publication Date: 28/09/2020
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781913551032

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The plant brew, ayahuasca, was said to possess the power to unlock ancient, innate wisdom. Those who drank the brew would become the bearers of the One Universal Truth.

A sojourn into the depths of the Amazon ensued…

Fearghal O’Laigh shares his experiences with these sacred plants in this travel diary charting his adventures across South America.

Fearghal is based in Ireland. He travelled to South America where he spent a year teaching English, travelling across the continent and exploring its rich shamanic traditions. His story involves Amazonian plant brews, psychoactive cactus, safari disasters, multiple counts of food poisoning and getting chased off cocaine farms.

Previously, he spent a year volunteering on various reforestation and permaculture projects across the globe. He also has a field guiding qualification and spent a year in South Africa, working as a guide on a wildlife reserve. On returning to Ireland, he managed an organic fruit and vegetable shop.

He is currently serving an apprenticeship as a Master Herbalist. He is a lover of nature, animals and the wilderness.

Fearghal says, “It is my mission to bring the healing power of sacred plants to the world. Ayahuasca has (anecdotally at least) cured multitudes of depression, an illness that I have a personal interest in, and that I wish to spread awareness about. I would love to see mental health acknowledged by our society as being of equal importance to physical health and it would be wonderful to see our society listening to those who suffer in silence, providing a safe space for their voices. Anecdotally, ayahuasca has also freed people from serious addiction and has been used in shamanic ceremonies by indigenous populations for centuries, long before Europeans set foot on the land. I am convinced that these plants can save humankind from self-destruction.”


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