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Spiritual Gifts


  • Author Name: Moira Doggett
  • Publication Date: 28/10/2017
  • Format: Paperback

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In this intensely personal book, Moira Doggett reveals her beautiful and inspiring story about her journey with Jesus and the loss of her sight. Spiritual Gifts is the story of Moira’s spiritual discovery and how she came to receive the gift of automatic writing as she became blind.

Moira’s eyesight deteriorated and is now registered blind. In 2013, Moira “saw a mystical sheet of paper with an unseen hand, writing on the page, with very relaxed and easy writing”. After this, Moira had a vision that Jesus would help her and she received the gift of automatic writing. Inspired, she thereafter started to record her spiritual experiences through paintings and written work.

Moira had always been a Methodist, but after meeting Reverend Father David Hoy S. J, Moira finally became converted into the Catholic church in October 1976 and the Reverend became her spiritual director – later telling her that she had the interior stigmata.

“Seven years ago, Jesus took me in his arms and said that it was because of all the suffering I had been through. I had always followed in his footsteps and he really took over my life. Speaking to me, advising me, and my love for him becoming more and more close – he told me that he had given me the interior stigmata.”

For the past 25 years Moira has lived in Ely, Cambridgeshire and attends the catholic churches in Ely and Cambridge, but is originally from Rhondda in South Wales and attended the St Gabriel and St Raphael church in Tonypandy.


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