A Better Pill


  • Author Name: Evelyn M. Brodie
  • Publication Date: 28/02/18
  • Format: Paperback

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A Better Pill investigates the widespread sense of victim hood and alienation that prevail in society and some of the tools that are available to help us to step out of these traps. These tools include physical bodymind work, ancient shamanic healing practices, meditation, and even the exploration of a nonlocal consciousness through breathwork or the ceremonial use of psychedelics.

Many of these techniques were used by our ancestors and continue to be used by indigenous people today. For the past few centuries these ways were frequently dismissed by materialists and scientists as ridiculous and delusional. However today science and healthcare are facing a paradigm shift as the study of consciousness is no longer being relegated to metaphysics and the enormous implications of the physics of quantum entanglement are gradually being recognised.

Brodie’s book explains in modern terms why an extended array of tools is necessary to an integrated healthcare system, that recognises it is no longer enough to treat symptoms pharmacologically, but seeks root causes of disease and disconnection using holistic treatments to give permanent results for patients. It presents what is known within academia, thanks to the advances of quantum physics and psychoneuroimmunology, but for various reasons is still struggling to make its way into public awareness.

Author Evelyn M. Brodie is a shamanic practitioner, integrated healer, and teacher of Temenos Touch™ Therapy in London and Brighton & Hove. In the 1970s she gained a MA degree in economics from Glasgow University, Scotland, then a post-graduate MA from Stanford University, California. For thirty years she enjoyed a lucrative career as an economist, financial TV journalist and communications executive.


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