Soundman: A Journey Through Rock ‘n’ Roll Sound


  • Author Name: John 'Wilf' Wilford
  • Publication Date: 28/06/2018
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781912362691

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This book is an autobiography following John’s life on the road with the bands, musicians, celebrities and people he’s met along the way and the liggers he wishes he hadn’t. It traces his 30 plus years working as a roadie, a sound engineer, tour manager and production manager. It tells what happens on-stage, off-stage, back-stage, and what happens on those live television shows and in the recording studios, at sound checks and rehearsals, on the tour bus and in the hotels.

The events and problems that happen on tours, the good, bad and the disastrous. Did you ever wonder where the real Spinal Tap stories came from? John Wilford has been there and seen it all in real life. From The Marquee Club to Wembley Stadium, from The Newport Jazz Festival to The Hollywood Bowl, the pubs, clubs, ballrooms, theatres, concert halls, arenas, festivals and stadiums, they are all here. What it’s like to work for a band, a television studio, a sound company to owning his own sound company.

This is also a history and evolution of the Rock ’n’ Roll sound system as it came to be used in the entertainment industry. How the sound system started out as a public address system, evolving into a sound reinforcement system to what is now a totally sophisticated digital sound mix.

John Wilford, also known as ‘Wilf’, was born in North London. After studying Radio, Television and Electronics Servicing he joined a semi-pro group as a roadie before working full time as a professional sound engineer. John worked for Midas Amplification where he built sound mixing consoles for many famous touring artists including Pink Floyd’s Quadraphonic mixing desk. He went on to set up his own sound company which he later sold, and he then worked for Concert Sound up until his retirement. John wrote this book after being nagged by friends for many years to tell his interesting life story.


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