The Isle of Wight’s Missing Chapter: Uncovering the Island’s Hidden International History

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  • Author Name: James Rayner
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publication Date: 28/04/2019

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Bringing hundreds of sources together for the first time, The Isle of Wight’s Missing Chapter tells the story of the island’s hidden international history. It examines the island’s many international visitors, including Mahatma Gandhi, King Cetshwayo of the Zulus and Queen Emma of Hawaii and uncovers some of the island’s overlooked international residents, such as a Jamaican model, a Sri Lankan cricketer and a pioneering Indian doctor.

Challenging the standard view of the island’s history, this book demonstrates how there have been mixed-race Islanders for over two hundred years and explains why the island has an important place in black history.

It concludes with a look at some of the talented people with island connections achieving great things today, including a Polish author and an Iranian poet. Weaving together a diverse group of individuals and their incredible stories, this book provides a new insight into the Isle of Wight’s past, revealing a side that has never been fully investigated.

James Rayner was born and brought up on the Isle of Wight. His background is in language and literature, which he studied with the University of Iceland and the University of Malmö in Sweden. He has written articles for print and online magazines. This is his first book, which is the culmination of eight months of research.

1 review for The Isle of Wight’s Missing Chapter: Uncovering the Island’s Hidden International History

  1. Fiona Harris

    I found it a captivating book. I would highly recommend it as a coffee table staple as it will trigger your guests to reminisce, a definite conversation starter. If you are an islander overner or student it may surprise you or remind you of the islands hidden diversity. I eagerly await Missing Chapter Part Two

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