Rebel with a Cause


  • Author Name: Peter Evans
  • Publication Date: 28/11/17
  • Format: Hardback

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Peter Evans, a journalist for The Times, was hijacked by knife carrying religious fanatics. He was later threatened with violence by a member of a London gang, reported to have nailed victims to the floor and taken off their toes with bolt cutters.

A campaigning journalist, Evans exposes in Rebel with a Cause scandals in the National Health Service, and others, including the misuse of power by the MI5. It included an intended coup by dissident officers to replace the Prime Minister and intimidation of Evans and others. He had refused to spy on a colleague at The Times. He knew too much from being close to the security services, meeting officers for ten years as a known journalist.

Leading a six-man news team at The Times, Evans had an aeroplane immediately available to cover disasters and other big breaking stories. The team uncovered an international Maoist network, revealing an imperialist bid for power in Africa.

In an investigation which he began in 1962 and continues still, Evans explores the causes of terrorism across the world, and what they have in common, He produced evidence identifying an associate of a gang which hijacked an airliner to kill its 83 passengers and crew if demands were not met.

Author Peter Evans lives in St. Albans, Hertfordshire and has written this autobiography to enable him to show how his attitudes have developed through his career, where he started as a £1 per week apprentice at a local newspaper.


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