Wise Me Up To Cold Calling


  • Author Name: Shea Heer
  • Publication Date: 28/11/2018
  • Format: Paperback

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This book helps sales people to identify what makes cold calling such a challenge and how to overcome the fears of making such calls. It shares the author’s experience in receiving, making and coaching people through those first stages in the sales process. With real life stories and humour, the book explores natural human reactions to help the reader understand why people react to cold calls in the way that they do and how the cold callers’ behaviour gives rise to any barriers they may be faced with. The reader is motivated to analyse their own behaviour and identify how they can achieve greater results in telephone lead generation.

Its unique style and structure takes readers on a journey through the cold calling process using doors and locks as metaphors to the process. The doors represent the overt challenge presented at that stage in the sale and the lock is the psychological fear that the cold callers have but can sometimes be oblivious to. It is this fear that has to be identified and overcome before the challenge at the door can even be reached. There are three doors and three locks, each one representing a stage in the process of cold calling and along the way, the reader is given thought provoking self-analysing questions and tips on how to be great!

Shea Heer lives in Gloucester and has over twenty years of direct sales and sales training experience. She is CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel Development) qualified in training practice, a fellow of the ISMM (Institute of Sales Management) and a certified business practitioner. Shea worked to manage sales training in businesses such as Telewest (Virgin Media), The Caudwell Group and B&Q, before starting her ‘Wise Me Up’ business in 2008. Through her business she has worked with international giants such as Eaton, Emerson, Thorn and Jewson amongst others, and she is now growing a successful YouTube channel and runs her own bed and breakfast business on the side.


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