Walking through Different Worlds: Annoying People for Good

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  • Author Name: Philip Goldenberg
  • Publication Date: 28/08/2019
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781912881567

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Walking Through Different Worlds is partly autobiographical and partly a series of narratives, with analyses, by a self-trained amateur management consultant.

It starts by setting the scene with a brief note of Philip’s unusual family background, and life up to graduation; and then reflects his experiences of the many worlds in which he has operated.

Philip has led a multi-faceted and interesting life in law, business, charities, politics and religion. He has been involved with many organisations, learning from each of them and trying to use that learning and experience to the benefit of the others. He regards his principal talent as annoying people, albeit hopefully for good.

It is an unusual blend of the autobiographical and the analytical, with a lively conversational style and a wealth of insider and often funny anecdotes from the heart of City law firms, the Confederation of British Industry (where he was a non-executive director), local government (a high-profile Woking Borough Councillor), and the Liberal Democrats (an adviser to Paddy Ashdown, seven times a Parliamentary candidate, legal adviser in the Liberal/SDP merger negotiations and constitutional law adviser in relation to Coalition Government).

Philip Goldenberg was educated at St Paul’s School and Oxford, where he read Classics. He lives in Woking, Surrey. He is a Corporate Finance specialist with wide-ranging experience in UK domestic corporate finance and governance, with particular emphasis on mergers, acquisitions, flotations, issues and reconstructions and employee share ownership. Philip has also had an active involvement in public policy matters relating to his professional sphere.

1 review for Walking through Different Worlds: Annoying People for Good

  1. Dr. Ted Cohen

    Susan, my wife, and I met Philip and his wife Lynda by accident many years ago in the lounge of a small cruise ship transiting from Istanbul to Venice. It was late afternoon on the third day of the cruise, and while we waited for the signal dinner was to be served, we exchanged the usual introductions and pleasantries. I immediately discerned Philip was not one to suffer fools lightly. He was polite, direct, and had a wry sense of humor that more than once made me laugh out loud. Apparently, my instant “take” of the man was not unique, for right in the preface of Philip’s book is a reprint of a 2010 article from The Guardian written by Jonathan Djanogly—”My legal hero: Philip Goldenberg”—in which the author, who at one time served as Philip’s junior lawyer, wrote: “Office talk was that he was intellectually intimidating and didn’t suffer fools. I would need to learn quickly.”

    Apparently, he did, as did many others with whom Philip came in contact—and annoyed—most for good, I might add . . . people in government, business, charities, politics, and religion. Here, truly, was a Renaissance Man, one whose education and background permitted him too move freely among many disciplines and, in each, make significant contributions noteworthy to this day. And, while he only devotes a small part of the book to his personal life, it came as a surprise to me to learn Philip not only dedicated this book to his wife and three surviving children, but also to the loving memory of their eldest son, Jonathan, who was born with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC), a terrible genetic condition, and who died in 2009 at age 23. The “world” in which Philip and Lynda inhabited—and fought—on Jonathan’s behalf for the care and education he needed is one, I pray, you readers never have to walk.

    It is true the settings for this book are to be found in the United Kingdom. And yes, their form of government is different from that of the United States. But, when it comes to people and how they BEHAVE in business, politics, and life in general, it makes not one whit of difference on which side of the Pond you find yourself. Dare I say, you’ll more than once see many of your own experiences in this book and will cheer as you see how Philip dispatched his adversaries.

    This book does not disappoint. Five STARS all the way.

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