Brandfather: The Man Who Invented Branding


  • Author Name: John Murphy
  • Publication Date: 28/01/2017
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781911320357

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STAFF PICK: Brand can now be more valuable than product itself, but how did we get to this position? In this revealing biography, John Murphy looks at how ‘brand’ became big… and how he was crucial in ‘inventing’ it. [Jane Rowland, Operations Director]

John Murphy pens the story of his successful career, during which he identified the process of ‘branding’ – a word first coined and used by his company.

John studied at Manchester University where he obtained a degree in geography. He later was awarded a Masters in Business from Brunel University. He then worked for Leesona, a textiles and plastics machinery manufacturer, before founding Novamark in London, the world’s first naming company. In 1979 they changed their name to Interbrand; by 1994, they had over 300 staff in over a dozen countries.

John’s company specialised in trademark law, packaging and corporate identity design, brand valuation and brand consultancy.

In 1994, John and his colleagues sold the business to Omnicom. In 1996, John retired and became a brands entrepreneur, being a branding consultant for twenty years. In 2001 he was also awarded an honorary PhD by Brunel University. John has also been a visiting Professor at both the Open University Business School and Birmingham University Business School.

In Brandfather, he takes us through his fascinating career, using stories, examples and anecdotes to illustrate his unusual journey up until retirement.


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