K.A.Lalani Unto The Skies

Unto the Skies: A Biography of Amy Johnson


  • Author Name: K. A. Lalani
  • Publication Date: 28/03/2017
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781911320333

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This is an extensive, fully-researched biography of Amy Johnson, Britain’s most famous aviatrix. Unto the Skies takes readers from the early days of her childhood and adolescence in Hull, through to her estrangement from her family in London, to the point where her love of flying led to the fame she later, albeit reluctantly, gained after her epic 1930 Australia flight.

The story of Amy’s death is still surrounded by mystery, after she crashed into the Thames estuary and was drowned; her body was never recovered. Her story still serves as an inspiration to many, being Britain’s first qualified woman ground engineer – despite being told she would never be a flier – and completing her world-famous solo flight at the age of 26, before other setting other records. The story of her life will be widely enjoyed.



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