Unto the Skies: A Biography of Amy Johnson

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  • Author Name: K. A. Lalani
  • Publication Date: 28/03/2017
  • Format: Paperback

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This is an extensive, fully-researched biography of Amy Johnson, Britain’s most famous aviatrix. Unto the Skies takes readers from the early days of her childhood and adolescence in Hull, through to her estrangement from her family in London, to the point where her love of flying led to the fame she later, albeit reluctantly, gained after her epic 1930 Australia flight.

The story of Amy’s death is still surrounded by mystery, after she crashed into the Thames estuary and was drowned; her body was never recovered. Her story still serves as an inspiration to many, being Britain’s first qualified woman ground engineer – despite being told she would never be a flier – and completing her world-famous solo flight at the age of 26, before other setting other records. The story of her life will be widely enjoyed.


11 reviews for Unto the Skies: A Biography of Amy Johnson

  1. Rachael

    This biography of Amy Johnson captivated me from the first page and by the end I felt as if I was reading about a friend. The research the author has put into this book, is clear and makes for a much more imaginative read. Amy’s passion for aviation and even how she came to be the first female pilot to fly solo from Britain to Australia is fascinating and interspersed with more personal details of her life it creates an inspiring story.

  2. Derek Pilcher

    This was an informative and interesting read and was a book I didn’t want to put down. It was well researched and most enjoyable.

  3. Ann Horan (Australia)

    It is easy to read and well researched, making it enjoyable. An intimate collection of events portraying Amy Johnson in a very intimate fashion – giving the reader a warm and close connection to Amy. Her private thoughts and fears are revealed, giving a clear picture of her and her time, as well as those who surrounded her. Her triumph will be regarded in a complete way, facilitated by K. A. Lalani.

  4. Elizabeth Cooper

    Very good read

  5. Glidewatch

    Writing a book is hard work and though this may be classed as unoriginal in terms of facts, it is a solid body of work of the sort that you would expect every ten to fifteen years to revive interest. The chronological progression moves the story along. It will be a good first read for those looking to find out about Amy Johnson, which is most definitely a good thing. After all that churlish sniping, if you have an interest and do not want to pay high prices for all the old books on this subject, highly recommended.

  6. Overlander

    A fascinating read. Lalani really brought British heroine, Amy Johnson, to life for me and told such an interesting story – I knew nothing about her family background, early romances, etc – but the author told it so well. It reads like a novel! He also made the other people in Amy’s story so real too. The parallels with today’s obsession with chasing celebrities are also interesting. Thank you for writing such an absorbing history. I highly recommend it.

  7. Elaine

    Amy Johnson is probably the most underated hero of our day! Emilia Earhart, American socialite, gets all the accolades yet she did nothing in comparison to what Amy did, a Yorkshire girl who just followed her dream! She was my childhood hero, and I’m not that old! If only girls today didn’t aspire to be some kind of worthless celebrity and looked to women like Amy for inspiration the world would be a better place.

  8. TL Winterchild

    My nana always told me about Amy Johnson. Apparently, Amy was my nana’s cousin and she saw her a couple of times growing up. This book was a great insight to such an inspirational lady in our history. Apart from a couple of mistakes (with a word missing or such), this a great book.

  9. Graham Page

    I had heard of Amy Johnson prior to reading this biography, however my knowledge of her was limited to the bare facts that most people know, about her being the first female to fly solo to Australia. The author has however vivdly brought her to life on the page, with meticulous research, and an enthusiastic writing flair and a deep respect for his subject.

  10. Christie Parkin

    I live in Hull so found the history of Amy Johnson really interesting. I found out a lot of information that I wasn’t expecting. This has made me want to read more historical biographies.

  11. Ashleigh

    I only heard of Amy Johnson a few weeks ago and came across her name when reading about Amelia Earhart. Such a pity that as a Brit, I had heard more about an American Aviatrix than one from my own country. I bought this book to introduce myself to Amy’s story and while I expected it to be longer it does a pretty good introduction.

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