A Life Lived

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  • Author Name: Liz Parker
  • Publication Date: 28/04/2017
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781911320593


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Liz Parker tells her memoirs, which cover a myriad of topics. She starts when was born in India, then recalls how at the age of four she was sent to boarding school in England.

After that, she studied drama and met and married a talented actor. They divorced after seven years and she was left to bring up two young daughters alone. Her second husband died and she then had a son to care for. Liz developed cancer, but after a successful unorthodox treatment she decided to leave England at the age of 59. She bought a run-down Taverna and yacht club on a tiny island in Greece. Her middle daughter helped her to run the idiosyncratic outpost. Tragedy then struck again on the idyllic island, leaving Liz alone once more.

Liz’s memoir is by turns harrowing, uplifting, fascinating and bittersweet. Stories of her flamboyant lifestyle during her time in the theatre and films, where she met famous stars, are contrasted sharply by a life of struggle and hardship as a single parent.

Liz’s awareness of feminist issues and her refusal to accept standard treatment for cancer led to a change in her beliefs and ultimately the courageous decision to move to Greece ­– which brought more challenges and painful outcomes.

10 reviews for A Life Lived

  1. V Bodington (verified owner)

    A fascinating autobiography of a life lived through the lens of film and theatre actors in London , during the heady days of British film and theatre in the 50’s and 60’s. Elizabeth Parker, whose eventful wartime experience as an evacuee is recounted here , went on to study drama with a group young actors who were to become household names . As they learned their craft in London film, theatre and television, Elizabeth was at the centre of the swirl of Hollywood film stars on location in England and abroad. Consequently, her marriage plays out against a background of alcohol, parties and heartbreak. ‘ A Life Lived ‘describes movingly , the ability to cope with both cruel fate and unexpected loss . With a strong narrative voice, the author’s story conveys a complex and philosophical character, who is both immensely entertaining and compassionate

  2. Illana

    I wasn’t able to put the book down! Liz draws you into her life, with the sadness of being sent to boarding school at 5, and later, the huge excitement and glamour of London’s theatre scene in the 50’s and 60’s. Famous friends, and loyal friends through a life lived to the full. The heartbreak of divorce, and the challenges of being a single mother, and the excitements of love. Then, leaving England behind and starting a new life in a remote little island in Greece, running a yacht club, an exciting and hard life. Great joys and huge depths of grief draw you into Liz’s life. I am still thinking of it a lot days after finishing it.

  3. Julie Hamilton

    If you know Liz Parker this book is both a joy and a sadness. Well written, easy to read and interesting. If by any chance you have come across this book and you have never heard if Liz Parker; then you should definitely think seriously and buy it. It is an experience that could help to put your own life in a different perspective. It is always a learning experience to read how other people deal with adversity, this book could even give comfort to someone. It is well worth a read.

  4. Rod. K

    Liz Parker has had a truly amazing life. Her biography draws you in to getting an emotional rollercoaster. From being separated from the age of 5 years of age from her parents who stayed in India whilst she was in Boarding school throughout the 2nd World War, to a glamorous younger life in London, R.A.D.A, a peer group of would be leading stars, then as a single mother, and the ups and downs of choosing to run yacht club on a tiny island in Greece. My emotions were up when her life was exciting and very sad with the downs. Well worth a read.

  5. Sue M

    A truly enjoyable, heart-warming and honest biography by Liz P. A lovely, lovely read – laugh out loud moments and “get the tissues” moments – so pleased to have read this book and would recommend all to read this – so very, very sad – yet remarkably happy as well – a life fulfilled as well as lived!

  6. Fiona M

    This book is a fascinating account of an interesting and varied life. Liz Parker vividly recounts her memories and paints a picture full of characters and places, emotions and opinions. Her story ranges across a wide spectrum: lodging with Michael Foot and meeting various political characters of the time such as Aneurin Bevan and Neil Kinnock; working as an actress and friendship with Sean Connery (best man at her wedding to fellow actor Ronnie Fraser) and Peter O’Toole; her own brave battle with serious health issues; moving to take over a business in Greece; her affectionate but stormy relationship with her younger daughter Alison and a final family tragedy. This is a book I didn’t want to put down. Liz writes honestly and clearly. From the upbeat early chapters to the touching and very sad end, you are with her on her journey. She has certainly lived her life to the full. Thoroughly recommended.

  7. Amazon Customer

    I enjoyed her second book as much as I enjoyed her first. My youngest daughter bought the first book for me and I have since corresponded with Liz Parker and hope one day to visit her on Lefkatha.

  8. Kathleen Devitt

    What an amazing story of a woman’s courage and zest for life. I just couldn’t put it down. it made me laugh and it made me cry. What an extraordinary Life.

  9. Annie Craven

    From malfunctioning diaphragms to running a yacht club on a small Greek island and hob-mobbing with film stars, a compelling read! Looking forward to the next book.

  10. Karen A

    A great memoir confirming the twists and turns of life. I particularly enjoyed Liz’s description of her days at RADA, working in weekly rep and the famous stars she met on the way.

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