Rosemary Bensley It's Not All Rosey

It’s Not All Rosey


  • Author Name: Rosemary Bensley
  • Publication Date: 28/02/2017
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781911320524

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The narrative of this memoir begins with a car crash – one that changed Rosey’s life forever. She is left wondering why she survived and other loved ones did not. She follows this tragic beginning with her rags-to-riches story, determined to turn her life around from her humble start in her parents’ small council house.

Rosey comments on her personal life alongside this, with a particular focus on the men that appear – and disappear – in her astonishing story. This true story looks at the recurring trauma experienced by Rosey and her recovery from multiple incidents involving her partners.

Her story is so extraordinary in its tragedy; you couldn’t make it up!


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