Dark Nights: Whitewater


  • Author Name: Norman A Viles
  • Publication Date: 01/10/2015
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781910508299

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This memoir draws on a lifetime’s passion for sea fishing, written by a gifted story-teller. Of his experiences, Norman Viles says, “some were amazing, some life-threatening, some unbelievable”. There is humour, suspense, exhilaration, frustration and danger. There are encounters with giants of the sea, and freak waves of terrifying power.

The author vividly describes the ways of the sea, and of fish, taking us from sunny beaches with rolling surf, to rocky cliffs on dark winter nights. Throughout, there is a sense of deep respect for the fish against which he pits his wits and physical strength.

Hooked as a schoolboy, fishing off the Yorkshire coast with a hand-held line, Norman moved on to competitive fishing matches, and memorable fishing holidays in Ireland. He shares the intricacies of rod and tackle, casting techniques, and digging for bait. He describes the camaraderie and fellowship among sea anglers, and introduces us to the personalities who shared his fishing trips.

But we also learn of secrets betrayed, sound procedures disregarded, and the profligacy and greed of industrial fishing. Norman Viles has witnessed a shocking drop in fish populations since his youth, and makes a strong argument for the reasons behind this.


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