Animals, Pets & Me


  • Author Name: Gisela D Pilot
  • Publication Date: 27/11/2014
  • Format: Hardback

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ISBN: 978-1-909984-40-0

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Animals, Pets and Me is an autobiography starting from the author’s earliest recollection at 2 and covering the years up to 1984.

In 1954 Gisela moved from Germany to Llanelli, south Wales, where she went to school, having had to jump in at the deep end to learn English – the hard way!

In 1963 she married a Swansea bank clerk and lived in Morriston for 5 years, where their 3 sons were born. Promotion saw the young family move to Fair Oak, Eastleigh, Hants in October 1968, again for about 5 years. A move back to Swansea for 2 years and then to Saundersfoot and Tenby, west Wales, for 8 years, and finally to Cwmbran, Gwent in 1984.

The sequel to Animals, Pets and Me started in 1985 when Gisela saw a grey squirrel in her back garden. He was soon joined by another, by which time more and more birds had come to feed, as did hedgehogs, who were nightly visitors looking for their supper. And so Feathers, Spikes and Fur evolved. Sixty stories of birds, hedgehogs and squirrels, as and when anything of interest happened. Happy accounts of nature and the garden residents, mingled with some sad ones too.


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