A Letter from Oggi: The Letters of Olga Franklin

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  • Author Name: Richard Jaffa (ed)
  • Publication Date: 30/04/2015
  • Format: Hardback

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ISBN: 9781910298930

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As a journalist for the Evening Chronicle, Oxford Mail and Daily Mail, there would always be a limit to how honest Olga Franklin could be as she documented the first half of the twentieth century. Her letters to her sister Beryl, however, written between 1932 and 1965, are subject to no such censorship and reveal the colourful stories behind the headlines of a cut-throat Fleet Street in the years surrounding the Second World War.

Olga’s boundless energy takes her around the world for a scoop, from picturesque Warsaw in the days before the Nazi invasion, to police-state Moscow following Stalin’s death, above Marilyn Monroe’s thinning hair, under an eccentric band of editors from the monarch-obsessed to the Machiavellian and suicidal. She is found shambling along Park Lane with a self-loathing Groucho Marx, on Hitler’s balcony and in Prince Philip’s hotel room, and manages to land herself in deep professional water with The Beatles and Harold Pinter, not to mention Mussolini.

Olga herself is revealed to be something of a paradox: a strong, determined, professional woman battling in a male-dominated world, but submissive, sensitive and endlessly searching for the governance of a strong man. This she eventually finds in the arms of a married man and an affair that will span decades following a string of steamy romances.

3 reviews for A Letter from Oggi: The Letters of Olga Franklin

  1. Book Guild

    (From Amazon): These letters provide a wonderful history of Birmingham and London before, during and just after WWII. Olga’s relationship with her sister Beryl was wonderful (and really made me want to meet Beryl) and through Olga’s honesty in sharing her day to day life with Beryl, we meet so many people – some were celebrities at the time, others were to become very famous later. Olga was a complex woman – on one hand very independent, career-minded and courageous and yet so much of the book is about her quest and her friends and cousins’ quests to find a husband. A well-recommended read. Olga’s intelligence and humour are found on every page.

  2. Book Guild

    (From Amazon): What a wonderful trip through the social history of London and Birmingham and the personal account of a quite outstanding lady determined to become a leading journalist which she did meeting a most interesting variety of political and show biz people.

    The letters chronicle the struggle in the early years of both finacial survival and women in a mans world, and ultimely the sucess hard won of being one of the leading female journalists and the wonderful relationship she had with her sister. Its a good intersting and easy read

  3. Book Guild

    (From Amazon): These are the kind of letters everyone would love to receive – sparkling with wit and humour, and full of starry stories too. The description of Marilyn Monroe with and without make-up is sad, illuminating and a scream to boot. In addition, the letters are a slice of twentieth century history. Olga carved out a successful career in a man’s world. Go girl!

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