Lady Flora had a Farm


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ISBN: 978-1-909716-21-6


When Lady Flora Valentine becomes a widow, she decides her only means of saving the family home is to turn to farming. With little knowledge of agriculture and equipped with more naive optimism than sense, she throws herself into her new-found role. Her family could not be more disinterested and less supportive but not to be thwarted, she forges ahead and learns the hard way.

Written with humour and a style reminiscent of P G Wodehouse, this charming vignette is replete with larger-than-life characters from all walks of life, bustling in and out of North Hathaway Hall, some bringing love and laughter, some gloom and trouble. Over all lies the charisma of Lady Flora. This is a book you’ll read from start to finish in one go, a nostalgic and life-affirming treasure.


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