Your Father Had To Swing, You Little Bastard


  • Author Name: Eleanor Berry
  • Publication Date: 25-09-2014
  • Format: Paperback

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Meet the legendary, extraordinary and utterly unique Dr Joseph Slandisch: the persecuted and tormented child, eccentric tone-deaf musician, wild, crazy, unpredictable Harley Street psychiatrist and tunelessly singing murderer is lovable all the same.

Wicked but impossible to hate, he giggles, bashes and crashes on his comic path through the mad, black life of a brilliant doctor, stunning looker, lady-killer but soppy, doting and indulgent father, whose son inherits his insanity.

Love him, weep with him, laugh with him, but keep your distance from him when he gets out his carving knife, but far, far worse than that, his violin.

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