The Promise

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  • Author Name: Sally Jenkins
  • Publication Date: 28/01/18
  • Format: Paperback

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“Jenkins spins a web of intrigue” – Judith Cutler

A man has been stabbed. A woman is bloodstained. The nightmares from her teenage years have begun again for Olivia Field – just as she is preparing to marry.

Ex-convict, Tina is terminally ill. Before she dies, the care of her younger, psychologically unwell brother, Wayne must be ensured. So Tina calls in a promise made to her thirty years ago in a prison cell. A promise that was written down and placed with crucial evidence illustrating a miscarriage of justice in a murder case.

Tina believes Olivia is perfectly placed to provide the care Wayne needs, but to do so, Olivia must be forced to cancel her own wedding and wreck the lives of those close to her. Tina’s terrible blackmail demands put Olivia’s entire future and, ultimately, her freedom under threat.

The Promise is a fast-paced psychological thriller told from several third person viewpoints. The novel explores the lengths to which people are prepared go in order to protect those they love and the impossibility of ever fully escaping our past actions.

Author Sally Jenkins lives in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands. She is a member of Sutton Coldfield Speakers’ Club, a volunteer library reading group coordinator and a church bell ringer. Sally’s first psychological thriller, Bedsit Three won the Ian Govan Award.

2 reviews for The Promise

  1. shirley stow

    Sally Jenkins has the rare talent of taking the reader right into the centre of vividly described scenes, as an invisible observer in a 3D movie. Her characters are well defined with concise descriptive dialogue. The story opens with an horrific murder scene which instantly grabs the reader’s curiosity as to why this terrible thing has happened. The pace moves quickly as the lives of six people become more entangled because of The Promise made behind bars years previously. This is a great, must read, skilfully penned. Excellent follow on to Bedsit Three.

  2. Peter Hinchliffe, NUJ member

    “His blood went everywhere. It was warm and sticky. Olivia wiped her hands down her T-shirt and rubbed them on her jeans. She raised her palms and stared at the smeared crimson swirls. Then she looked down at the body, prone on the floor of the hallway, the wet, scarlet puddle on the front of his white T-shirt slowly expanding…”

    Wow! After this vivid opening paragraph who could fail to read on and on. Start reading The Promise in an evening and you will probably find you are still engrossed in the tale long after your usual bedtime.

    Sally Jenkins’s gripping tale could have stepped out of the latest edition of a certain Sunday newspaper.

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