Poetic Justice: Oxford


  • Publication Date: 28/09/2019
  • Author Name: Fran Raya
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781912881765

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The dynamic and mysterious Randal Forbes calls his dark powers ‘the gift’. His startling, slate grey eyes radiate when he is in the throes of his telepathic reprisals.

His trail of destruction has caught the attention of the police, who are investigating him under potential murder charges. But proving his guilt is difficult as he is nowhere near the crime scene; just inside the head of each targeted victim, issuing commands.

Now a student at Beaumont College in Oxford, he revels in his own success and is well on his way to becoming a celebrated author.

There are new ‘enemies’ to deal with in Oxford and Randal seeks to remove those who suspect his paranormal leanings. He has a twisted sense of poetic justice but also a chivalric loyalty to his family.

Randal Forbes has a dark side so malevolent that only someone with a similar ‘gift’ would be able to challenge him. But, who would dare?

Fran Raya lives in Manchester. Her career has been predominantly in music since the 1970s, both in the UK and abroad, originally as a singer-songwriter but now in later years purely as a songwriter who places original songs with other artists. Fran is a member of The Guild of International Songwriters and Composers and has performed throughout Europe as she used to live in Denmark. Fran was the support act for Eric Clapton on his Scandinavian tours in the 1980s. She has also published poetry in numerous anthologies and as a result was awarded her own book, Thoughts of the Poet. Fran’s first book in the Poetic Justice trilogy (Poetic Justice: The Dawning) was published by The Book Guild in August 2018.


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