Lotus in the Sand


  • Format: Paperback
  • Publication Date: 28/11/2019

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ISBN: 9781912881956

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Hamish McFarlane is an Afghan war veteran suffering from PTSD, working as an intelligence analyst in Iraq. After a brutal terrorist attack on an oil company, Hamish is sent to conduct a security assessment. Once there he meets Claire, a beautiful American working for a humanitarian charity. They soon come under attack again and Hamish’s instinct is to flee, but Claire refuses. Inspired by her commitment and compassion, he decides to stay.

In Baghdad, a car bomb kills one of Hamish’s team and most of his family. The sole survivor of this attack is Nuri, a withdrawn and serious twelve-year-old boy, who seeks refuge with Hamish. With Claire’s help, Hamish smuggles Nuri out of the country to live with his aunt in the UK.

Whilst Hamish is away, Claire discovers who was behind the two attacks, but she is murdered before she can pass on her discovery. As allegations and half-truths fly, a devastated Hamish does not know who to trust.

Finally uncovering the man responsible, Hamish extracts a confession. But the British Government tries to cover up the scandal, using Nuri’s illegal immigration status as leverage. Hamish faces an impossible decision. Will he choose revenge, justice and honour or will he protect those closest to him?

Pete Maroza worked for a Private Security Company in Iraq for several years. He now lives and works in the Middle East, having previously travelled extensively.


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