Lotus in the Sand


  • Format: Paperback
  • Publication Date: 28/11/2019

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Hamish McFarlane is a disillusioned Afghan war veteran escaping from his troubles in war torn Iraq.

Following a brutal terrorist attack on an oil company, he is sent to conduct a security assessment. However, what initially seems like a routine act of violence soon morphs into something far more complicated and sinister. The more he delves, the closer the maelstrom of violence comes to him and those he holds dear.

As the body count multiplies and allegations and half-truths fly, a devastated Hamish does not know who to trust.

His search for the truth will take him from the mountains of Kurdistan, through the blood-stained streets of Baghdad to the heart of the British establishment…

“Exciting, twisting and realistic. A thrilling story of betrayal and retribution.” – Brian Wood MC, author of the Sunday Times bestseller Double Crossed

“A gripping fast-paced story of greed and murder, set in the Private Security industry in Iraq. The authenticity of the story shines through.” – Jordan Wylie author of the bestselling book Citadel – the true story of one man’s war against the pirates of Somalia

Pete Maroza worked for a Private Security Company in Iraq for several years. He now lives and works in the Middle East, having previously travelled extensively.


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