Gabriel’s Journey

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  • Author Name: Mary Collis
  • Publication Date: 28/04/2018
  • Format: Paperback

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When Gabriel awakes in a hospital bed with no recollection of how he got there or why he is there, and is discharged into the care of an unknown Japanese woman, he is desperate to make sense of the situation.He suspects that the answers must lie somewhere within the complexities of his unorthodox past. Gabriel’s past adventure-loving and hedonistic lifestyle is re-lived and revealed to the reader in his dreams. Through the narrations of his dreams the reader is transported into the personal world and transitory romantic relationships of a narcissistic personality, travelling with him across time and continents and entering his world of perceived espionage and conspiracy. These dreams of times past are woven seamlessly into the contrasting dramatic reality of Gabriel’s present-day life.

The story creates a credible picture of Gabriel’s enforced imprisonment and of his epic battle to regain his freedom, escaping into the obscurity of London’s warren of streets and formulating complex, detailed plans which include assuming a new identity. The story is crafted around Gabriel’s magnetic and influential personality which draws others to both believe him and collude with him and his ability to create a clever, subtle and elaborate camouflage to obscure the reality of his situation.

Author Mary Collis grew up in Swansea and graduated from Swansea University with a degree in Political Science. Following her graduation Mary emigrated to Canada and on return to the UK moved to Coventry where she became an Executive Officer in the Civil Service. Mary left the Civil Service to start a family and attended Leicester University as a part-time student in Social Studies. Mary gained an MBA from Warwick University in 1991 and continued to work in Coventry as a lecturer in International Business. Mary is now retired and lives in Sharnford, Leicestershire.

3 reviews for Gabriel’s Journey

  1. Patricia Guy

    Ostensibly a book about a brilliant, but flawed former lecturer whose colourful past is revealed in intriguing episodes. The glimpses of exotic countries show us a culture and colour in mid 20th century that sadly do not pertain now. Most interesting for me were the episodes in hospital or in the cruel claustrophobia of the apartment. Everyone has a secret dread of mental and physical debility; the shadowy figures in green,the Bond-style villainess in black – serve to create the surreal nightmare of Gabriel‘s waking hours. The drug-induced flashbacks are a clever literary device and many readers will empathize with the relief he feels as he escapes reality in the final words of each chapter. The espionage clues keep us page-turning and there is humor too in the friends’ clumsy attempt to rescue Gabriel from the clutches of the strange woman with the Asian accent. The turnaround,when we discover her true motives, is stunning. I read with an assurance of Gabriel ‘s sad destiny so I was thrilled at Collis’ triumphant conclusion. There is poignant realism but also comfort. I felt satisfied.

  2. Mrs B

    An incredible read, I could not put this book down and became completly immersed within Garbriel’s world through the Authors wonderful ability to transport the reader directly into the experience. An intoxicating read with a fabulous ending.

  3. Bob Robertson

    This is an intimate journey through Gabriel’s life by the writers sister, and Mary brings him back to life again. Gabriel was one of life’s amazing characters. He touched the lives of countless people at home and across the world on his many travels. I was one of the lucky ones. I remember one Christmas when I had the privilege to visit him, he showed me 120 Xmas cards he had received from all over the world. Gabriel was a highly intelligent man, but also very unassuming, with no airs and graces. He had been a College Lecturer and possessed three degrees. This book is mostly a true story, and elegantly written straight from the heart. It has a dynamism that engages the reader from start to finish. I congratulate you Mary, and rest in peace my dear friend Gabriel. BOB.

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