Flames of Obscurity: The Shadows


  • Author Name: Elliot Spencer
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publication Date: 28/05/2019

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Edward Sherborne is the new Prime Minister of Anglony. His Army Chief reveals the existence of a hidden sect called The Chancery and of three traitors to the establishment: The Rose, The Bird and The Dragon. Edward’s daughter has been kidnapped by the sect and he must eliminate each traitor to get her back alive.

Andrew MacPherson, Minister of Foreign Affairs also belongs to the sect. His wife, Julia, is accosted by Reece Tyler, whose revolutionary group The Bird wishes to destabilise the government. She hires a private detective to investigate, where the identity of The Bird’s leader is then discovered.

Edward is forced to murder his colleague, Andrew, who is revealed as The Rose, and who has attempted to betray The Chancery by giving his wife a rose pendant with a secret message inside, exposing them. The Dragon, a dangerous organisation, have been constantly marginalised by the establishment. They coerce a hit-man, Matt Sanders to romance the Secretary of State, Jane Banks, to get incriminating information from her. Edward must partake in another murder of The Bird’s leader in return for his daughter’s early release. He doesn’t know who he can trust in his cabinet…

In a race against time, Edward soon discovers that all is not what it seems as a dark, harboured secret comes to light. After all, they say you should keep your friends close, but your enemies closer…

Elliot Spencer was born in London, where he lived and worked until very recently. He now lives in France and worked in marketing, advertising and translation. He has always loved writing and the idea for this novel came from his continued fascination with the political arena and the ripple effect on society of the government’s agenda over the years.


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