Five Rites


  • Author Name: Leigh David
  • Publication Date: 28/03/2018
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781912362295

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May 2015 – the face of somebody long thought to be dead appears on BBC News at Ten. The newscaster names him as Mikhail Morozov but secret service agencies around the world know him as Margaret Rotheram’s former favourite, Michael Frost. He’s been abducted by terrorists. Urgent meetings are convened around the globe to discuss what to do next, nobody wants what’s in Frost’s head to come out. Not everybody survives those meetings…

The story then delves in to the dark family history of Margaret Rotheram. Her father was killed while working as a Military Intelligence spy and she was taken in by family and was given a new name. As a grown up, Margaret comes to the attention of dark forces who are determined to recruit her.

December 1955 – Michael Frost, mute until the age of three, speaks his first words, He sees visions of demons and until now he hasn’t been able to tell anybody about them. He is severely bullied but despite his many obstacles, he does well in school and joins the army. Then posted to W. Germany, he attracts the wrong type of attention.

Margaret and Michael meet under disastrous circumstances as the CIA are planning to steal Soviet Missiles. Margaret appears to have lost and the dark forces appear to have the upper hand…

Author Leigh David lives in Wembley and works as a programme manager. Leigh previously lived and worked in New Zealand and Australia – including working for the Royal Navy where he ran teams servicing weapon systems on warships. Leigh started writing when he left work to look after his mother.


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