Double Exposure


  • Author Name: Michael Simmons
  • Publication Date: 28/05/2018
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781912362530

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Sophie and Hannah Hoare are identical twins. From an early age they discover the tricks they can play- particularly when they dress alike and swap names… Add in high intelligence and physical attractiveness and the results are overpowering. They leave their parents, their teachers, their friends in a charmed state, often floundering in their wake. Double Exposure explores their close and almost psychic relationship.

The young women each experience a need to develop as individuals. Yet there is an innate pull towards reuniting and helping each other– especially when danger strikes. Both go to university and train to become lawyers. Sophie however is a high flyer determined to become a leading light in a top City firm. Hannah wants domesticity with a husband and children – items that Sophie regards more as hindrances to progress. So for Hannah this means developing a suburban practice with an accent on divorce law. International criminals are drawn towards getting the best legal minds to work for their illicit purposes. Hannah soon realises what lurks behind an attractive, profitable demand for her services. Powerful oligarchs with extensive reach invade first Hannah’s world, then Sophie’s. At first neither is aware of their ruthless, vindictive nature…

Author Michael Simmons lives in London and was educated at St Paul’s School, London and Emmanuel College, Cambridge. He was a solicitor in private practice for 50 years and was formerly a member of The Chartered Institute for Marketing, among others. Michael has now embarked on a new career writing fiction about English law and layers. He wrote The Lawyer Who Couldn’t Sit Still, an autobiography about his long and colourful legal career – with exceptional reviews from The Times, The Law Society Gazette, Solicitors Journal and Mark Stephens CBE, to name a few. Following the success of his first legal thriller, Low Life Lawyer: In The Footsteps of Bechet (ISBN 9781910878477), Double Exposure is the second book in the chilling Lawyers’ Library series.


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