The Art of Listening and other ‘inspired’ fictions


  • Author Name: Paul A. Mendelson
  • Publication Date: 28/07/2019
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781912881468

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Stories don’t emerge out of thin air. They’re inspired from what we see, what we hear and most importantly, what we experience. Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes moving, often plain weird. All a writer has to do is – listen. This charming collection of seven short stories is inspired by Paul’s many experiences…

Friends of Paul’s volunteer on a well-known helpline. One day, one of them took a call from someone they actually knew. Paul wondered – what if it were someone you knew almost as well as yourself? Would you still be able to practice ‘The Art of Listening’?

When Paul was a lawyer he handled several divorces. It was often the little things that cased the biggest rifts. But even more interesting was the fact that whilst a couple might not have been able to live together, they could not bear to be apart. ‘The Watch’ tells of these attractions – and the tiny misunderstandings that can lead to war.

Paul was on holiday in Sorrento when he found that his tiny flat was double-booked. He ended up sharing a beautiful villa with a celebrated movie director (at no extra cost). Paul wondered – what if he could find an outrageous way to ‘sell’ him one of his scripts. This became ‘Based on a true story’.

Paul A. Mendelson has created several hit BBC comedy series, including BAFTA-nominated May to DecemberSo Haunt Me and My Hero, starring Ardal O’Hanlon. For ITV he wrote the much-acclaimed Martin Clunes drama Losing It. He co-created Neighbors From Hell for DreamWorks Animation and writes regularly for BBC Radio 4 Drama. He is currently developing a new comedy-drama series for television. Paul’s first novel In the Matter of Isabel has been bought by a major Hollywood producer. His first novel for children, Losing Arthur was published in 2017 and his second adult novel, A Meeting in Seville was published in 2018, and is based on his BBC Radio 4 play of the same name.


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