To Tame the Sentry Being


  • Author Name: Michael Georgiou
  • Publication Date: 28/06/2018
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781912362752

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To Tame the Sentry Being: Book 1 of the Endless Dreams Saga is a young adult fantasy adventure with cosmic themes and elements.

On a world in the distant reaches of the Universe, the human race has mysteriously found itself upon the planet Vena. They are in a state of constant war over sacred territories with a species of creature known as ‘Alpelites’, underneath the watchful god, Medzu. Brothers Syros and Ednon live with their grandfather Ira, a renowned visionary pacifist. The older of the brothers, Syros, is filled with anger and hate over the events which took their parents’ lives, and has made it his life’s ambition to take revenge on the Alpelites.

The more idealistic, childlike Ednon, meanwhile, is a boy with his mind constantly on the stars. His goal is to try to end the war and do all he can within the golden city of Asterleigh to make sure that his brother, Syros, returns home safely. In the grand library he encounters a phantom telling him that the world will end at the next Passing of Sechen (the coming of the New Year). After these words and the death of his grandfather, his life becomes more infused with his dreams and visions.

We follow their stories as ideologies are tested, mysteries are unravelled and both brothers fight for survival in a chaotic universe.

Michael Georgiou lives in St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex and has recently finished studying History, Film and Sociology at college. He says that “the story itself is inspired by many things that are currently happening in our global climate, such as terrorism, the left vs. the right and the general spectrum of the human experience.” Michael has always been interested in the existential, so this book draws upon these interests in a unique kind of way.


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