The Wand Tree: Book of Magic


  • Author Name: S. G. Harvey
  • Publication Date: 28/09/17
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781912083640

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Following the disappearance of his mother, Joe Silva finds himself at a boarding school where he is unable to fit in and is often bullied by his peers. Not only does he find his younger years tough at school, his resentful father blames him for his mother’s disappearance and has little to do with him.

After living alone at boarding school for years with very little human contact, Joe is confronted with a surprise revelation from his mother’s parents, which inevitably changes his life. He discovers that he has a place at Trega’s School for Witches and Wizards.

As Joe discovers more about himself, he makes friends with other wizards that struggle to fit in and together they form bonds that help them battle against prejudices which surround them.

Writer S. G. Harvey took inspiration for the book from his grandparent’s farm – somewhere he spent a lot of time at as a child and that he always found a very magical place.

Reminiscent of the ‘Harry Potter’ phenomenon, S. G. Harvey gives the genre a more personal twist, focusing closely on the characters’ personal developments.


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