The Raven Wheel

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  • Author Name: A F Stone
  • Publication Date: 28/09/2019
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781912881741

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When you’re being dragged under, the choice is fly or die…

The Raven Wheel follows three troubled teenagers as they struggle to seize control of their lives.

Wayward Tye wants to finally make his father proud. Bright but awkward Kian is desperate to reconnect with his estranged mum. Impulsive rebel, Ria, harbours a secret desire to murder her father.

Their lives intertwine as they strive to succeed and find themselves in too deep, too late…

A F Stone grew up in Stoke-on-Trent, where the book is set. She moved to study English Literature at the University of Sheffield, where she now works. The author was also recently short-listed in the short story category for the Bridport Prize in 2017.

Stone says, “I like to write about young people on the margins of society for whatever reason – health, finances, family… My writing is undoubtedly influenced by my background and my own life experiences. The decline of industry and the decimation of the public sector in cities like Stoke and Sheffield has created huge inequality and many unheard stories that need to be told. The consequences of deprivation continue for generations. Another theme in my work is mental health. I am open about my own mental health problems and I think it’s important for people to feel able to ask for help and, crucially, to get the right support. I have worked in a forensic secure setting and I have seen first-hand the dire consequences of inadequate investment in our health services. Working there also really brought home the fact that mental health problems do not discriminate. It is important not to judge someone before you know their story. I identify most with characters who are classed as ‘outsiders’ and in my opinion, they are what make stories worth reading and life worth living.”

3 reviews for The Raven Wheel

  1. Sophie

    This book is fantastic! Couldn’t put it down! I loved how the characters’ lives are entwined. The chapters flit between each main character and that leaves you wanting to read on so you can find out what happened to each of them! The book is gritty and reflects on so many issues that quite frankly need to be addressed. I really cared for all of the characters… even though that felt a bit odd at times. Thanks amazon for delivering my preorder ahead of schedule! I hope there’s a sequel!

  2. Amazon Customer

    A brilliant, thought provoking, challenging read.

    The main narratives weave together to tell a deeply compelling story of three teenagers trying to hold it together in an authentically imperfect world.

    A lot happens in this book but each development is given the weight it deserves and the issues, which include self-harm, bullying, mental illness and drug abuse, are depicted with vivid realism.

    If you enjoy the books of Angie Thomas or Melvin Burgess then this is definitely one for you.

  3. A Cald

    From the beginning you are drawn into the chaotic worlds of Ria, Tye and Kian, watching helplessly as their lives intertwine and evolve. I loved the rawness of this book and it’s lack of apologies for uncovering the various tragedies within each characters’ life, as well as the violent means by which their evolution takes place. The symbolism is hauntingly beautiful and whilst written for a young adult audience, I’m sure it’s a book that many readers will enjoy. The description of a psychiatric ward is hauntingly accurate for anyone who has ever worked or been inside of one, and the author’s observations of mental health are at once insightfully realistic and yet sensitive.

    This is undoubtedly a debut novel not to be missed and I cannot wait for A F Stone to publish another!

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