The Girl in the Abbey

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  • Author Name: Jessica Collett
  • Publication Date: 28/03/2018
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781912362271

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“When you’re looking for an adventure, be careful. You might get just what you wish for…”

Bramlingham Abbey sits alone and isolated, crumbling from neglect, hidden from sight by an ever-expanding jungle of vegetation. Violet Cobb, a fearless girl from the coastal town of Grimsby, is left on the doorstep – moved from her home during Operation Pied Piper, designed to keep the children of England safe during the bombing raids of World War Two. She is a conspicuous ‘townie’ in a quiet village of farmers, far away from her friends and family.

Left alone with no one but an extremely elderly caretaker, Violet is left to explore the Abbey by herself. She soon discovers two things; that Bramblingham Abbey is full of secrets, and a strange girl called Sarah that no one else seems to know. Sarah claims to be the granddaughter of Lady Audrey, the mysterious owner of the Abbey – but how can this be? While exploring the Abbey, Violet makes a horrifying discovery about Sarah in the secret chapel. Furious with what Violet has discovered Lady Audrey lays down an ultimatum; that Violet, now aware of the secret, must leave the Abbey and the village forever.

But all is not lost. You cannot hold onto the past forever – you have to move forwards and live…

Author Jessica Collett is a young author from Lincolnshire and the book is inspired by Calke Abbey in Derbyshire. Jessica is currently training to become a teacher and has always been interested in history.

5 reviews for The Girl in the Abbey

  1. JJ (verified owner)

    This is an excellent first novel by a young writer. The story is set during WWII with Violet, an evacuee, arriving in a strangely neglected stately house. The characters are well-defined: Violet is a fresh, bright, determined girl who captured my imagination immediately, Sarah is a pretentious, spoilt child and Mr. Whispers is everyone’s idea of a caring, gentle, wrinkly-faced grandpa. The story romps along with tears, giggles, amazement, and experiences. I know the book is aimed at teens and young adult but I, having turned 70, very much enjoyed reading it. I shall enjoy following Ms Collett’s writing career and look forward to reading future novels by her.

  2. Scribblesome

    Violet, an evacuee, finds herself fostered by the groundskeeper of a grand stately home. Though Mr Whispers is kind, Violet is warned to stay out of the house and away from its mysterious owner, who is never seen outside. But of course Violet’s curiosity gets the better of her, and she discovers a secret… This is a lovely story! The writing is atmospheric and paints a detailed picture of the abbey and its inhabitants. If you liked Tom’s Midnight Garden you will like this.

  3. Hal

    Really great read and did not want to put it down. The characters kept me transfixed until the end.

  4. Miss R Jackson

    Really enjoyed this story – gripped me right until the end.

  5. Heather Kennington

    Excellent read. Can’t wait for next one

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