Scilly Seasons: Volume 1 of the Island Kingdom


  • Author Name: Chris Tookey
  • Publication Date: 28/09/2018
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781912362523

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This volume begins the story of how a disabled shepherd boy and a determined kitchen maid rose to become King and Queen of Britain. The young Arthur and Guinevere take on bugbears, sea monsters, werespiders and tommyknockers in this uniquely exciting and humorous epic adventure.

Learn about the amazing rise of Arthur and Guinevere, and those who helped them, including Mrs Scraggs, a bad-tempered, one-legged witch, and Snow White’s eighth dwarf, the malodorous Drains. 

Did you know that Merlin had two brothers, Buzzard and Osprey? Or that Snow White had an affair with Attila the Hun? 

Do you realise that most of what you know about Arthur and Guinevere is “fake news” created to protect the reputation of the monarchy? You’re about to discover some long-suppressed truths.

Chris Tookey grew up in Oxford but now lives and works between London, Fakenham in Norfolk and Tresco on the Isles of Scilly. For 20 years, Chris was the sole film critic for the Daily Mail in which time he won the Arts Reviewer of the Year from the London Press Club. Since then, Chris has published 5 non-fiction books about film criticism and a thriller novel. He is the creator of, the biggest collection of film criticism in the world and was Chairman of the British Film Critics’ Circle for 5 years. Chris has also worked as a TV & film critic for the Sunday Telegraph, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times and Observer, to name a few, as well as directing several TV programmes including Revolver (ATV) and Channel 4’s After Dark. He has composed and arranged theme music for several long-running television series and has staged 12 stage musicals and a ballet. Chris is a prolific broadcaster, interviewer and interviewee on radio and TV, frequently presenting Back Row and The Film Programme for BBC Radio 4. 


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