GoldenEars: The Pale Skulls

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  • Author Name: Jane H Wood
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publication Date: 28/01/2021

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Filled with optimism, Edmund vows to find his beloved wolf, Golden Ears. Returning home on leave, our newly-fledged forest ranger begins his task of researching the myths and legends surrounding wolf lore in the hope it will answer some puzzling questions.

During a visit to the library, Edmund is introduced to a Native American, named Joe. Intrigued by the boy’s interest in the newspaper archives, Joe agrees to assist him. He learns of Edmund’s friendship with a wolf; confirming his suspicions that the boy’s wolf is indeed special and that their destiny is bound together. He warns Edmund of the coming dangers, and a journey that he alone must undertake; enter a world beyond his imagination if he is to find his wolf.

Evil stalks Canada’s western wilderness, hiding in the shadows, threatening the existence of every living creature, including the people who live there. When communications cease in that region, Chief Ranger Max tasks his rangers to investigate. A terrible truth is revealed, one Edmund can barely comprehend.

The story takes a devastating twist, forcing Edmund to dig deep into his soul. He must overcome heartache, jealousy and rage and rise above the hurt if he is to save himself and the wolves and make a better life for them all.

Jane H Wood was born in Bristol in 1951. Later her family moved to the East Anglian town of Colchester. She began her working life in the competitive and changing world of women’s fashion. After Jane married in 1973, she and her husband Peter moved to Bristol where Jane found employment with a prestigious department store, and her career progressed to senior window display designer. She has two grown-up sons and now lives in West Sussex with her husband. This is her second novel in the GoldenEars series.

6 reviews for GoldenEars: The Pale Skulls

  1. Reviewed for Luminosity Media Group by Sheena Monnin on March 2nd, 2021

    GoldenEars: The Pale Skulls by Jane H. Wood is riveting from start to finish. Excellently crafted characters bring you along for every page of adventure, catastrophe, triumph, and surprise in this well-written adventure tale. With the feel of a cult hit like Harry Potter, each character and scene draws the reader in with all their senses and makes the reader feel part of the story – a rare accomplishment! All age groups from young adult upwards would enjoy reading GoldenEars: The Pale Skulls. Author Jane H. Wood crafts a surprising plot and provides upbeat pacing throughout the story that demands the reader continue on to see what happens next, Valuable themes of family, friendship, and loyalty pervade this work, driving home the message and leaving the reader uplifted. It is with excitement that I look forward to more from this author.

  2. Sherri Moorer

    An excellent story that follows up on The Whispering Mountain in an exciting manner. The Pale Skulls has all of the elements of a great story: suspense, intrigue, compelling characters, and even a supernatural element. I especially like how Jane H Wood focuses on the bonds not only between Edmund and Kegg/GoldenEars, but amongst all of the characters, from family to friendships. This story has a wonderful depth that you can take from the book to real-life with you as it helps you realise that good, pure balanced relationships are truly the most important thing in life. Plus, you get the added bonus of learning about Native American culture and spirituality from a great new friend that Edmund crosses paths with on his journey.

  3. Sarah Starr

    A truly wonderful follow up book to GoldenEars ( The Whispering Mountain). The story is full of beautiful description while being of a darker nature, perhaps reflecting some of the anguish and desperation of adolescence. Edmund’s loyalty to his wolf is unwavering, ending in an exciting and moving climax to the book.

  4. Julia Moore (verified owner)

    In GoldenEars The Pale Skulls, we are carefully and meticulously reacquainted with Edmund, his family and friends from GoldenEars:The Whispering Mountain as the relationship between Edmund and his special wolf friend GoldenEars is developed through many twists and turns and especially the chance meeting in the Library with the Native Indian Joe who shares his knowledge and understanding of wolf lore.
    In his quest to find his beloved GoldenEars Edmund, and indeed the reader, is taken on a roller coaster journey which takes him from the Huxforest Wildlife Reserve to the strange, supernatural world dominated by the Pale Skulls and beyond. A really gripping story full of intrigue and emotion.

  5. WILLIAM F WILLOUGHBY (verified owner)

    An original work that will keep you wondering how it will end. A young man goes on an adventure befriending and forming an empathic relationship with a wolf
    (golden ears) a very special wolf.
    The story defines how some people have entrenched views about wolves and others have an understanding of all the creatures in our world and the dark fears that can challenge us. If you are wondering what this means then go and read this intriguing book.

  6. Reviewed by Cecilia Hopkins for Readers’ Favorite.

    GoldenEars: The Pale Skulls by Jane H. Wood presents a charming combination of animal fantasy and adventure. Wood has created an empathetic character in Edmund, the newly qualified ranger. I really identified with his longing to be reunited with his animal companion, GoldenEars, and eagerly followed his mission. The withdrawal of the wolves into the other realm formed a sustaining metaphor for their being an endangered species, and the conservation message was clear as the rangers struggle to set up a protected environment. Wood cleverly personified the canines, making them appealing. GoldenEars: The Pale Skulls by Jane H. Wood is suitable for young adult and new adult audiences.

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