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When Chris Casey is transported from the boredom of his back garden to another dimension, the prospect of a long, dull summer holiday with only his mother and cat for company is blown out of the water.

His arrival in the medieval world of Castellion leads Chris into an exciting, terrifying adventure, in which he will gain a new identity Frog and play a central role in the future of both this dimension and his own.

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3 reviews for Frog

  1. Book Guild

    (From Amazon): I am 12 years old and I thoroughly enjoyed this books. And despite there is detail in the book, there is still a fast-paced pace to the book. The book follows the story of Chris Casey (later known as Frog) as he plunges into a world of labyrinths, castles, wizards and knights in shining armour, such as the noble knight, sir Peacealot, who, after causing Frog to be thrown into the world of Castellion, becomes responsible for Frog in this new, dangerous world.

    One of the reasons I really enjoyed this book was because of how easy it was to relate to the characters, as every one of them reminded me of one of my friends, or someone I know.

    Another of the reasons I loved this film so much was because it made a massive change to my reading pattern because I normally avoid the fantasy genre as it usually bores me to tears, however this new series of fantasy books made me want to reads on and on.

  2. Book Guild

    (From Amazon): I loved this book from the word go-the cover drew me in immediately and what followed lived up to expectation. I really enjoyed the fantasy world Joffre has created and the characters were 3 dimensional and believable. It was humourous as well as exciting. I can’t wait to read his next book-which is available now.

  3. Book Guild

    (From Amazon): Joffre white came to my school and he seemed like a nice guy so I bought this to help him. But this book was Epic! There is adventure,twists and battles. And by battles I dont mean rabbits running away from foxes. I mean huge armies clashing fighting for survival! 5STARS!

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