Frog and the Sandspiders of Aridian

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  • Author Name: Joffre White
  • Publication Date: 01/11/2015
  • Format: Paperback

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Following on from his previous adventures in the Medieval Dimension of Castellion, Chris Casey returns as the legendary Frog, this time unexpectedly accompanied by his best friend Billy Smart.

The Guardians call upon him again to help fight the abominable Lord Maelstrom and his sister, the wicked Belzeera. Set in the second Dimension of Aridian, a scorched, desert world where most of the population live underground, he meets new allies including the young Nadiah and her energy-wielding girls of the Sisterhood along with a mysterious character known only as The One. A new Guardian, in the guise of the beautiful Cassaria is on hand to aid him with her Magik and her loyal followers Prince Ameer and Sand Master Katar.

Frog’s journey takes him into the depths of Aridian, from the spider hatcheries at Pelmore to the wonders of the subterranean eco systems of Arachnae. Amongst his encounters are giant spiders, the ugly Saurs, the aggressive Dreden, the enchanting Firefox and the revered Sandspider Arac-Khan. Join him as desperate enemies and monstrous creatures pursue him at heart-stopping and break-neck speeds through the underground waterways and caverns of Aridian.

Find out what secrets The One holds and what happens when evil turns true friends into enemies.

3 reviews for Frog and the Sandspiders of Aridian

  1. Book Guild

    (From Amazon): The continuing adventures of Frog did not disappoint! I am honoured to have a personally signed copy and I savoured the second story in this excellent series. The alternate universe that Joffre creates is unique and well drawn and totally believable. I love the addition of Billy Smart Frog’s friend who is dragged into the adventure-it gives a greater dimension to the story. And the spiders…I hate spiders…the description make me shudder even now! With a twist and a turn and a surprise at the end…and the promise of maybe even darker adventures to come! I love these books and will be eagerly awaiting number 3!

  2. Book Guild

    (From Amazon): This was a birthday gift for my son who totally loves it and has nearly finished reading it already. Excellent book great story, lots of action really enjoyed it – thumbs up all round. Ordered on amazon and got here really quickly.

  3. Book Guild

    (From Amazon): The Guardians ask Frog for help in fighting Lord Maelstrom and his nasty, evil sister Belzeera again in this exciting adventure story.
    They get transported into another dimension. A desert with two suns where everyone lives under ground.
    They meet lots of new friends who help them along the way.

    What I thought of the book:
    I really enjoyed this book because it is always exiting and there is never a dull moment. Another thing I liked about the book is that when he leaves his dimension the time stops in his world so when he returns it is like he never left.

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