• Author Name: D L Millan
  • Publication Date: 28/10/2017
  • Format: Paperback

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In 1822, Lord Blackhart tells his young grandsons the tale of the Black Dove, a curse which threatens to rise following the prophesied fall of the Blackharts. Back in the present day, teenager Callie is led into following a mysterious stranger, Alexis.

Callie witnesses a magical battle between Alexis and James Blackhart, and those opposing the couple. When Alexis’ estranged sisters arrive with reinforcements, the couple returns home to the 1800s. The two eras are connected in parallel due to a Blackhart portal; a unique family ability allowing travel through time.

James’ niece, Charlie, lives with the Dove family and discovers that Callie’s deceased father could create portals. Following a raid on the Blackhart house, Callie and Alexis meet again under devastating circumstances and we find out about a big secret haunting Alexis and her past.

James lures Callie into a trap and we finally learn the truth about their past and family history. Callie must escape before the secret becomes public knowledge and they face a race against time, through two parallel worlds and against the deadly curse of the Black Dove.


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