Actual Reality

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  • Author Name: Cat Mantra
  • Publication Date: 29/09/2016
  • Format: Paperback

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Join Josh Mantra and his ever-faithful digital companion Tate as they travel throughout time and space battling foes, and saving innocents from impending disaster. From the old Wild West, to black holes in space a galaxy away, you won’t want to miss a beat! Josh Mantra is a typical 12-year-old kid, living a typical 12-year-old kid’s life – with school, friends, family and video games. On his birthday, he receives a very special gift from his dad, something that is to change his life forever. An Actual Reality crystal, capable of projecting his life force ANYWHERE, and ANYTIME. But this isn’t just for fun. He has been chosen by the Inter Dimensional Federation (IDF) as the ONLY being capable of succeeding his dad on life-saving and life-changing missions throughout the multiverse.

He has to go through rigorous testing to make sure he is up to the job, and not long after that, his first mission begins, battling a reptilian on a far away world the size and with the appetite of a

Tyrannosaurus Rex! A few missions in, Josh discovers that it’s not just about saving people in distress. There are some bad guys out there… The Inter Dimensional Empire (IDE) has a VERY different agenda to the federation: Divide and Conquer. The IDE have the same capabilities as the IDF. They are are two incredibly technologically advanced organisations, but only one can emerge victorious…


12 reviews for Actual Reality

  1. Julie Wolverton (verified owner)

    I brought this book as a present for my young nephew and decided to read just a couple of pages. This quickly turned into reading the whole book as I got totally caught up in the adventures of Josh and Tate. A modern, fresh book that will appeal to everyone. Honestly written and good clean fun. This book is now mine and I will be getting my nephew his own copy for Xmas plus a couple more copi3s for the other kiddo’s young and old that I know

  2. Buda Franklin (verified owner)

    Actual Reality is an intriguing and lively story for everyone! Josh Mantra and his digital comrade Tate soar through space and time! Pull up your boot straps as you are whisked away to the Wild West and batten down the hatches as you sail into exciting adventures! If you love heroes, time travel, space and action, this book is a must read! The relationship between father and son is also truly felt. I think this would make the perfect gift for birthdays, Father’s Day or even graduates as they will be embarking on new missions and tests themselves!

  3. Panda

    An extremely inventive and imaginative story line, and great fun to read. Entertaining,action filled, and interestingly constructed. Recommend you buy it now!

  4. peaches

    Bought this for my teenage nephew for his birthday. It is a fantastic book which i have started to read as well. look forward to reading more books by this author.

  5. Mr. J. D. Parker

    This is the kind of birthday present we would all have liked as kids! Snappy and enjoyable stories full of high adventure and a knowing humour. Recommended for all ages!

  6. Miss Indo Soor

    For anyone who like me, is a big kid or indeed actually have kids, then this is a fantastic read. A proper page turner, as every adventure leaves you hungry for more… I read it in 2 days & can’t wait for the next book in the trilogy!

  7. Joshua Matthews

    A lovely read, I was really looking forward to reading this book, and it did not disappoint! The writing is very creative, immersing me in the author’s world. Perfect for anyone who enjoyed Harry Potter or the hunger games, and wants another world to explore!

  8. joe young

    This is a great book, I found it to be a fascinating read. It flowed from 1 chapter to the next with such ease.The language used was at times quite technical, but not too much so as to make it difficult to follow. In this age of computers and space travel the whole story is a real page turner. I could see it in my minds eye as a great animated film. Really, really good. I look forward to the follow up!

  9. Louise Seymour

    Just finished this amazing book. Always good to read new material and an excellent read for this first time Author. The individual chapters keep you engrossed wanting to see what adventures are next on the cards for the whizz kid Josh.
    Totally recommend this to avid readers and as an adult female I still enjoyed the teen fiction. This goes to say that teenagers will enjoy it even more. I have bought a copy for my friends 2 sons 16 and 10 already.
    Looking forward to the next publication already.
    Well done Cat Mantra.

  10. Amazon Customer

    I think this is a fantastic book really enjoyed every page with all the twists and turns in the story. A book for all family members of all ages.
    I couldn’t put this book down until I had finished reading it, I hope a second will be released soon!
    P.s I don’t normally leave reviews but I had to for such a great book Well done the author deserves it.

  11. J Wolf

    I brought this book as a present for my young nephew and decided to read a couple of pages. This quickly turned into reading the whole book as I got totally caught up in the adventures of Josh and Tate. The vivid descriptive writing made me feel as though I was there with them. A modern, fresh book with a twist of retro making it appealing to all. This book is now mine and I will have to get my nephew (and a couple of other kiddos ) another copy. I’m missing this book already and I’m looking forward to reading other books by this author.

  12. British Fantasy Society

    In these post-modern times we have to ask ourselves what is meant by actual reality. I suppose the simplest response is that it is not virtual reality. This story presents us with the challenge of multiple realities, or that there are more universes just next door to this one…it is a good read for children of all ages. As an introduction to the science fiction genre this is quite excellent. This is a cheerful, positive story of simple youthful heroism uncomplicated by nuances. In the cosmic order of things there is nothing new here, but there is plenty of fun. We could all do with a lot more of that sort of thing these days. Forget the elves, the zombies, the vampires and all that sleazy dark stuff. Just send those books to the charity shop. Buy Actual Reality and actually have some good real fun!

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