Shadows of Yesterday


  • Author Name: Ann Wardlaw
  • Publication Date: 29/10/2015
  • Format: Hardback

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ISBN: 9781910508244

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Time is a meaningless thing out here. It is measured by the harvests and the ever-changing colour of the earth.

Marc Chevaud has never lost his yearning for the timeless beauty of his native Provence. Years after the war, during which he was captured and tortured by the Nazis, he makes a snap decision: he will hand over the running of his British-based firm to his brother Leo and return to his ancestral home in an attempt to mend the past and find the future.

But Marc has been away a long time. He finds the chateau in a state of piteous decay, after occupation by enemy troops, and cannot understand the local people?s hostility towards him. Saddened but undaunted, he determines to restore the house and its vineyards to their former glory, but in doing so uncovers far darker secrets from his troubled past than he could ever have imagined.