Serenity Song


  • Author Name: Finn Dervan
  • Publication Date: 28/06/2019
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781912881338

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Ireland, 1921

A policeman assassinated.

A secret buried.

Against the backdrop of vicious guerrilla war, where good men become murderers and bad men become something altogether worse, family ties count for nothing in the blood-soaked fields of County Offaly.

Now, a century later, James Lucas must decide how far he will go to reveal the truth.

“From rural Ireland to the mean streets of modern-day Glasgow, memory, history and sectarianism are explored in this gripping and accomplished thriller. A remarkable debut.” – OWEN GIBSON, The Guardian

Finn Dervan was born in London but moved to the North East of England as a child. He attended a Roman Catholic secondary school in North Yorkshire before studying History at the University of Leeds. After completing his degree, he worked in London for a while before returning to York to train as a teacher. He has been writing and teaching for the last fifteen years. Finn is of Anglo-Irish heritage and when he is not in York, he can be found on the West Coast of Ireland, where he has a second family home. He was inspired to write this book after chancing on a long-kept family secret about his great-grandfather which pitched him into an investigation that uncovered a terrible truth.


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