Border Monkeys


  • Author Name: Tharun Chelley
  • Publication Date: 28/06/2018
  • Format: Paperback

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Layton is a man who has been born into a world that has lost all of its value. The world that was once known has had a financial breakdown that has resorted to ancient means of survival. This has led to people who were suffering from sickness to go on suffering, people who were once homeless to go on being homeless and above all else, the few who seek power to rise themselves to a self-appointed governing body. Another group that has been causing many people havoc is a group known as Border Monkeys. The general idea of a Border Monkey to someone like Layton is a group of people who drive on motorbikes, have a punk look to them and steal, kill and rape people.

Layton is a man who is caught in the middle of all these different aspects to the world, not knowing which camp he should fall into. Set in Leicester, England, Layton must look to his friends to find a means of survival. He does all this, while still suffering from his own demons. Past decisions he made as a child have stuck with him for his whole life, the most important battle he must overcome.

Tharun Chelley lives in Scraptoft, Leicestershire and discovered his love for writing after studying for a degree in Education Studies and English Literature at university. After a battle with severe depression and anxiety, Tharun was able to become stronger and free of it to allow him to enjoy writing. Tharun also published A Tainted Secret with Trafford Publishing in 2014.


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