• Author Name: Karen Langston
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publication Date: 28/03/2021

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Bluemantle: an invitation to freedom for those prepared to take the risk… 

Set in the sun-scorched city of Wydeye, in which live music is outlawed, the totalitarian Authority controls its citizens through fear and cultivated dependence. Chase Newell discovers his sister is missing. His search for her leads him to Ursel, who is driven by the faith that to challenge is imperative. She introduces him to the underground music scene, with its ageless Troubadours who must risk their lives to perform in order to survive. To do this, they rely on Bluemantle; an encrypted fanzine containing the date and location of each event.

Following a failed raid, the Authority’s control-obsessed leader, Governor Blix, and her evil-incarnate Chief of Command, Wulfwin, step up their efforts to seize the Troubadours and destroy the scene. When Bluemantle’s creator is feared captured, the stakes change. The Troubadours are forced to act, while the citizens of Wydeye are compelled to challenge.

Prior to becoming a writer, Karen Langston was a secondary school teacher of English, a senior project manager developing qualifications and training for professionals in the creative media industries and a self-employed property developer. Having made the decision to make writing her full-time, long-term career, she has spent the last two years developing her skills through the creation of Bluemantle. She lives in Kent with her husband and working cocker spaniel, Cooper. 


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