The Bookshop of Panama

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  • Author Name: Suzanne Hope
  • Publication Date: 28/04/2019
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781912881154

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Meet Kate Lewis – She’s a burned out charity worker, a self-described ‘stick-in-the-mud’ and a bookworm. She had a stable, cosy life in London spending her weekends buried in books until Marco came along. He’s her UN action man boyfriend and he swept her off her feet at a conference. Over time Kate senses that Marco needs more from life than a pile of books by the bed and a pint in the pub on Fridays. So when a job posting comes up in Panama Central America, one that Marco desperately wants, to show a more adventurous side, she agrees to relocate there with him to start a new life together.

Kate heads off to Panama, with Marco delayed by a humanitarian emergency in Sudan set to join some days later, but when he finally shows up, Marco isn’t himself, and within hours of arriving he drops a bombshell, leaving Kate stranded and alone.

Thankfully, just around the corner is an oddball bunch of ex-pats who befriend Kate. With their friendship and support she’s soon coming out of her shell, picking herself up and planning her move back to London to start over again. But a stop off in New York on the way home changes everything…

Suzanne Hope was born and raised in Lancashire, where she still lives today. A graduate in History from Portsmouth University, Suzanne moved to London to start her career in the non-profit sector in direct marketing for several charities. Throughout her career she has lived and worked in Italy, Bangkok, London and Panama – the latter of which inspired this story.

4 reviews for The Bookshop of Panama

  1. Marianna Gindin

    What a charming book?! Kate is a lovable bookworm who’s afraid to reach for her dream. When love goes wrong, you have to stand on your own two feet (with a little help from some great friends) and reach for that dream. Who said it would be easy? Anything worthwhile has it’s bumps and turns along the way.
    A great read about adventure, love and passion for books.

  2. Carol Sidari

    I saw this book on my daughter’s bookshelf and couldn’t put it down. I picked it up because the cover was so fun and inviting. I finished it in a few days because it was such a pleasant read. Now, I’m craving an Electric Lemonade and a vacation to Panama! I loved the main character of Kate and all of her friends, especially Megan — who encouraged Kate to reach for the stars. Perfect ending to a perfect adventure!

  3. Amazon Reviewer

    This is the book for those who found themselves lost sometime or somewhere. This book is a captivating story on how through love and friends you can still fulfill your dreams, even in a place too hot for you or where you don’t speak the language. Great story and great characters!!!!

  4. Sandra C

    If you have ever dreamt of making a new beginning, especially in an exotic locale such as Panama City, then you will love following Kate Lewis on her adventures. This charity worker and self-described stick-in-the-mud is swept away from rainy Britain by her boyfriend, only to be dumped in Panama. But Kate rises to the occasion, sorts herself out, makes news friends and starts all over again.

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