Secrets, Lies and Butterflies

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  • Author Name: Susi Osbourne
  • Publication Date: 25/04/2015
  • Format: Paperback

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Kate is trying to rebuild her life after the death of her baby son and her husband’s unfaithfulness. Having fled to Cornwall with her daughter, the last thing she expects is a call for help from her former best friend – the woman who slept with her husband, Tom, and destroyed their marriage. With huge misgivings, Kate returns to the Cheshire town where her life fell apart and stays with Grace – the indomitable warm heart at the centre of a loving but chaotic household. If an outspoken four-year-old, senile Gran and characterful dog can’t make Kate forget her troubles, no one can.

When Kate comes face to face with Tom again he still gives her butterflies – does she still love him? But, more importantly, can she ever trust him again? The friendship between Grace and Kate – the heroines of Susi Osborne’s previous two novels – is the only constant in an ever-changing landscape of embarrassing moments, fraught relationships, and shock discoveries in this moving yet humorous novel.

3 reviews for Secrets, Lies and Butterflies

  1. Book Guild

    (From Amazon): Susi Osborne has an amazing gift for making the reader feel part of the family whilst at the same time thankful it is not your own. Grace is pivotal to the story and is tremendously supportive to Kate facing a dilemma which most women would rather not have to face. In trying to keep the whole family functional, Grace attracts sympathy and admiration from the reader.

    I particularly liked Susi’s approach to the description of Grace’s mother living with Alzheimer’s and the mother’s rebellious antics in the old folks home. Susi’s direct experience of caring for her own mother who also suffered from the same condition gave her a depth of knowledge which enables her to write with great sensitivity and humour. I also chuckled at the reaction of the teacher to precocious four year old Izzy’s interpretation of the events going on in the household.

    The marvellous thing about this book is that even though it is the third one in the trilogy, it can be enjoyed without reading the other two first. However, I would strongly recommend reading all three for the wit and humour Susi injects into the story lines. Whether you read Ripples of Life, Grace and Disgrace or Secrets, Lies and Butterflies you will find yourself laughing constantly.

    This is a good read from an author who continues to blossom and I am really looking forward to her fourth book.

  2. Book Guild

    (From Could you ever trust your husband and your best friend again when they slept together behind your back?.

    Would you rush to the aid of that so called best friend when you heard that something really bad had happened to her?.

    After the tragic death of Jake, kate and Toms baby son, Kate had been so inconsolable that she went to spend some time with her parents in Cornwall.

    Kate invited Chole her best friend to move in and help Tom with their daughter Jessica while she was away.

    How naive had she been?. What had Kate been thinking throwing Chole and Tom together like that?.

    On Kate’s return Chole announced her pregnancy. So who was Chole pregnant by. She was adamant that it was her husband’s John’s despite their non – amicable split.

    Kate is trying to rebuild her life after the death of her baby son and her husbands unfaithfulness.

    Secrets Lies And Butterflies by Susi Osborne is a fantasic read. Susi has adapted all her characters like real people you know. Kate’s character all readers will cherish and adore.

    Secrets Lies And Butterflies is Susi Osborne’s third novel.
    Sussi’s first novel was The Ripples Of Life in [2008]
    Susi’s second novel was Grace And Disgrace in [2010]
    Susi admits that being published has been life changing bringing her a busy schedule of book signings and personal appearances.

  3. Book Guild

    (From Amazon): After eagerly awaiting Susi’s third novel I was not disappointed. Secrets, Lies and Butterflies was an amazing story and I couldn’t put it down. Well done Susi, your a fantastic author and now I can not wait to read The Ripples of Life, Grace and Disgrace and Secrets, Lies and Butterflies all over again 🙂

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