Must Have GSOH


  • Author Name: Paul A. Mendelson
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publication Date: 28/02/2021

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ISBN: 9781913551223

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“Funny, heartwarming and tender.”
David Lister, The Independent

“Laugh out loud as the unlikely horticultural hero navigates the comedic jungle at ‘The Killer Comedy Academy’ to win the heart and laughter of the woman of his dreams. A classic Paul A. Mendelson tour de force. Bloomin’ marvellous!”
Peter Brook, BrOOKS Pinner, London Independent Bookshop of the Year 2020

To get the girl of his dreams he needs a good sense of humour. To get a good sense of humour he needs a miracle.

It has never bothered Stephen Gibson that he’s totally devoid of humour. Orphaned at three, his life revolves around his obsession with horticulture. He is a hero to his garden centre workmates, but a disaster with relationships. When lovely client Nina enters the centre, Stephen is instantly love-struck. His pursuit of Nina is assisted by his workmate, Spike, who convinces him that the key to any woman is a good sense of humour, the fabled ‘GSOH’. It has to be, surely?

With this new realisation, Stephen enlists on a comedy course with the hope of finally seeking the love he craves. But on his journey of the seemingly unattainable, Stephen meets fellow comedy course student, Kerry, and his life is thrown into turmoil…

Will Stephen get that elusive GSOH? And, if he does, will it even matter in the end?

Paul A. Mendelson is the BAFTA-nominated creator of several hit BBC family-comedy series, including May to December, So Haunt Me and the long-running My Hero, starring Ardal O’Hanlon. He co-created Neighbors From Hell for DreamWorks Animation and writes regularly for BBC Radio 4 Drama. Paul’s first novel, In the Matter of Isabel (2017), is being developed as a movie with a major Hollywood company. He is also the author of A Meeting in Seville (2018), based on his BBC Radio 4 play of the same name, The Art of Listening (2019), a thought-provoking short story collection and two children’s books; The Funnies (2020) and Losing Arthur (2017). 


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