Letters to the Editor


  • Author Name: Mo McDonald
  • Publication Date: 28/09/2018
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781912362943

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During the 1980’s Jack Kelly was a celebrity broadcaster and successful novelist. Terrestrial television was enjoying its heyday and TV presenters started to receive the status of A-Lister celebrities. Jack’s life in the public eye allowed him a privileged position only a few experienced. He had access to select places and stars around the world, with an adoring army of fans.

Several decades later, while preparing for a new show in the USA, Jack receives a phone call from his secretary. A story about Jack has emerged on social media which has gone viral. It has details of his relationship with a young woman, Marian Davies, 30 years previously.

He is more than ready to dismiss the warning at first, but the pressing urgency in his secretary’s voice leads him to stop in his tracks. He looks back over the many decades, since he last saw Marian. Back to a time before social media, to a time when he controlled the narrative; people listened to him and he was trusted. But one question kept cropping-up: why has Marian reappeared? Just at the time when there are so many other parallels with the eighties. Political unrest, Thatcherism and the horrors of IRA terrorism all uncannily mirrored in 21st century Britain. From terrorism from extremists, in the name of the ISIS and Britain First, another female Prime Minister and a nation divided from the political fall-out of a divisive Brexit result in the 2016 British European referendum.

Mo McDonald lives in the South-West of England and is shortly about to turn 75 years-old. She is keen to challenge the prevailing, often negative perception of older women. Mo has worked in finance and banking for many years and says “having worked on one of the most influential financial surveys, on global money markets, I love being part of the business world, mixing with people of all ages and from all corners of the globe.”


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