Never Trust Professors


  • Author Name: Donald Read
  • Publication Date: 25/02/2016
  • Format: Hardback

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ISBN: 9781910508787

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All is not well at the ‘new’ University of Blackchester. Both staff and students are struggling with campus problems. There is a damaging rivalry between the Professors of History and English, not least about how to increase their student numbers. Too many girl students are involved in love affairs – not just with their fellow students but with their teachers and even with married lecturers. The faintest whiff of sexual misbehaviour on campus always finds the press howling for academic blood.

One of Blackchester’s sexual scandals in particular features in all the headlines. And of course these muckraking stories are read every morning by anxious parents. Who can they trust? ‘Never Trust Professors’ say the newspapers, spurred on especially by the Daily Express, which has a reporter on campus.

This is the third of Donald Read’s insider novels about university life in the third quarter of the twentieth century. He was there!


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