Wherever You Are I Will Find You


  • Author Name: Peter Peeters
  • Publication Date: 31/10/2013
  • Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9781846249501

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Contemporary Brussels. Anton is a talented young geologist; Gael is stuck in a dead-end job. Both are dreamers… When they meet, love draws them into its enchanting world, but the intrigues of a wily, ambitious woman tear them apart and Gael mysteriously disappears.

Anton desperately searches for her. He discovers that she has gone to work for a health project in a remote corner of sub-Saharan Africa and abandons everything. He succeeds in crossing the Sahara alone but on the other side is caught up in a revolution…

The global sweep of lives and events, woven in the vivid colours of Africa itself, gathers momentum as people from different continents meet and clash. And the values of Western society gradually fade as the strange beauty of Africa begins to exert its redemptional magic on Gael and Anton…

Deftly blending philosophy, humour and romance, Wherever You Are I Will Find You is an impassioned plea for the power of dreams, for cross-cultural empathy and for the future of a continent.


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