Seeking Atticus

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  • Author Name: Norm D'Plume
  • Publication Date: 28/04/2018
  • Format: Paperback

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Laugh out loud in the face of Liv’s adversity as she blunders through life, lurching from one catastrophe to the next, in her struggle to escape her disastrous marriage and build a new life for herself and her two young sons.

“The teacher responsible for an early school report had shown great insight when she wrote ‘Olivia has a sunny disposition.’ Her default position was most definitely sunny side up but recent years had seen her engaged in an epic struggle to keep that sunny disposition, when all about her were losing theirs.” 

Set in the mid-eighties, Seeking Atticus is a funny, heart-warming story that begins with a letter that finds thirty-something Olivia, living and working at a friend’s boarding kennels as she awaits the outcome of an impending court case to determine her financial settlement from her recent divorce.

From one debacle to another, it is her blossoming friendship with Michael that keeps her, just about, on the right side of sanity… Michael and Atticus Finch, of course!

With Atticus’s moral compass as her guide, Liv attempts to steer a course through troubled waters in her quest to find happiness on the other side.

Author Norm’D Plume lives in Hertfordshire.

21 reviews for Seeking Atticus

  1. Jenny

    I love this book , so funny and well written, couldn’t put it down. Will be a great holiday read, hope there is a sequel, want to know more Please !!!!

  2. Richard

    My wife suggested I read this book, even though I’m a ‘Crime and Thriller’ kind of guy. Really enjoyed the story and it’s very well written. Great first novel.

  3. D. A. Barnes

    Wow! I haven’t laughed out loud from a book in ages and there was enough laughs in here to make up for the chortle time lapse! Really enjoyed this read, funny, engaging and strangely I found it a really calming book to read?! Brilliant, well done Norm, you’ve lightened my heart and made me chuckle.

  4. Emma

    I loved this book! I read it on holiday & I couldn’t put it down! It is well written, witty and has a great story line. I felt like I really got to know the characters and hope there is a sequel!

  5. Jackie Butcher

    A fantastic read, I suspect it was written from true experiences.

  6. Andrew

    I love the way it is told by letters conversations and by a narrator. You get to feel for liv and want to know what happens to her. Perhaps I will re-read to kill a mockingbird now. Who knows.

  7. Kim Duffield

    Gripping, funny book.

  8. Amanda

    Wow!! Such a brilliant book, a real page turner! Literally had me laughing out loud!! Throughly recommend! Perfect holiday book!

  9. Alex

    Wow! When is the next one out! What an amazing read, I’m obsessed with Liv! A book with short chapters is always good for me with my busy lifestyle but this one was such an easy read the chapter size didn’t matter as I couldn’t put it down, to the detriment of my family!! I was even reading from the kindle in the bath!! I would 100% recommend….

  10. Joe Debono

    Very funny enjoyable book with a serious side to it. Brings back a lot of memories from the 80’s. A must read!

  11. Mrs P Pinner

    I bought this book because of the name, being a huge fan of Mockingbird. I took it on holiday with me and found it an enjoyable light read. In essence it’s a love story – one I would like to think exists in the real world as it appears to have been written from life. Perfect holiday reading.

  12. Carrie Harrison

    I saw this in a magazine and decided to give it go. So glad I did! I loved the characters, the humour and above all the story. A bit dark in places but well put together and very enjoyable. I couldn’t put it down due to anticipation of what would happen next. Would highly recommend!

  13. Panos K

    Devoured this book in two days. The characters came alive through their dialogue. Some real nail biting moments sprinkled with laughter, friendship and love. I was well and truly hooked from start to finish. Highly recommend.

  14. Ro

    A real page-turner! I had to keep reading to find out the fate of the lovable, kooky character, Liv. Packed with laugh out loud moments and unexpected exploits.A great read – would highly recommend.

  15. Amazon Customer

    Not a big book person, but bought this on a recommendation and I have to admit it is brilliant! Made me laugh lots!

  16. SC

    Spectacular read! So many funny moments… is it bad that i read the last page first? Liv was brilliant and what a time she had!

  17. D. P

    I couldn’t put it down! Such humour and depth throughout the book. Hope there a follow up soon, absolutely fantastic read!

  18. Debbie

    From humble bumble to cluck cluck- loved it !!

  19. Jason Hayward

    Great Book, excellent holiday read.

  20. Judy M

    So enjoyed reading this book….anybody who has had a failed marriage will recognise and and empathise with Liv’s trials and tribulations! Laugh out loud, and tearful moments. Characters who jump off the pages! Loved it!

  21. Suzy Lupin

    Love love loved this book. Its one of those page turning reads that you just can’t put down. But we need a sequel what happens next in the life of Liv. *****FIVE STAR RATING FROM ME*****

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