Lake of Souls

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  • Format: Hardback
  • Author Name: Brian Rhodes
  • Publication Date: 27/06/2013

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When David Peters accepts a commission to repair a damaged culvert at Falstead Priory he hopes his work will impress Colonel Metcalfe and lead to more jobs on the estate. He expects the work to be difficult; dangerous, even. What he does not expect is what he actually finds lurking in the damp tunnels under the lake: something that will change his life forever.

Evil and salvation in equal measure haunt that place, and David soon realises that there is a connection to the ruined monastery in the woods. When the spirits speak to him, he fears for his sanity and the safety of his family, but it is too late to turn back. It is David’s destiny to attempt to save the souls of those trapped on the earthly plane, and to do so he must somehow overcome the malignancy that has held them there since the sixteenth century.

Disturbing and compelling, Lake of Souls showers the reader with a host of revelations as David struggles to seek his true self and defeat his deepest fears.

1 review for Lake of Souls

  1. Book Guild

    (From Amazon): Following his acceptance of a restoration project at the site of an old monastery, David Peters unwittingly begins a journey of spiritual awakenings that challenge his views on religion, the bond he has with his wife and family, and launches him into the unknown world of ‘life after death’, providing intrigue and an encounter that makes him question the skeptics about the existence of spiritual souls beyond physical death. I found this to be quite a unique story line, well written, with historical content, combined with a romantic twist. Well worth a read. Waiting patiently for the next installment on the journey.

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