Ayeme’s Circus of Redemption


  • Author Name: Keith Blackburn
  • Publication Date: 28/04/2019
  • Format: Paperback

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A dissolute drunk named Arthur, redundant and deserted by his wife, finds himself urinating in a cathedral doorway. Horrified, he staggers off, falls from a wall and bangs his head. A policeman tries to help, but at a mention of hospitals, Arthur dashes off into the path of a speeding van…

Awaking in a hospital bed, erroneously registered as Ayeme, he escapes through a fireplace flue, dressed in unfamiliar worn-out clothing and burdened with a heavy rucksack symbolic of former sins. He emerges into a peaceful moonlit garden where he sees a woman in black with a man in top hat and tails. It seems they are preparing for a funeral, or a wedding, and feeling somehow connected with her, Ayeme follows her procession into as small church in the middle of a wood.

From there his odyssey tinged with elusive love begins in a bizarre world full of strange characters and a series of equally strange misadventures.


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