Lillia’s Diary

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  • Author Name: Ian McFadyen
  • Publication Date: 24/03/2012
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781846247620

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The body of a beautiful young Estonian woman is found in a lake in rural Lancashire. Is it murder or a tragic accident? As Inspector Steve Carmichael begins to look into the dead woman’s life, he discovers a wealth of secrets and embarks on a murder enquiry.

Lillia Monroe was a woman who had expensive tastes and apparently had the money to satisfy them. Who did she meet regularly at a local hotel? How did she finance her love of fine things? And what does her diary reveal about her liaisons and her true feelings about the men in her life?

Steve and his team must learn to look beyond the obvious and strip away layers of deception to reveal the motive behind Lillia’s murder. As the dramas in his own family are played out, Steve’s investigation into Lillia’s death becomes a race to stop the killer striking again.

3 reviews for Lillia’s Diary

  1. Book Guild

    This book had me gripped from the start though I don’t quite know how . It was wrote in a very amateur – though comfortable – style and relied too heavily on clues that just seemed to conveniently fall into Inspector Carmichaels lap !

    I considered Carmichael and his team a bit lazy !! Unlike in a real murder investigation where teams work round the clock as the first 48 hours are the most crucial Carmichael and his team found time for dates , pub quizzes , early finishes etc ….. Generally though all the characters were likeable and there was a good balance between telling us some background to Carmichael’s character and his family and actually getting on with the plot .

    Still something about the book pleased me and I’ll certainly be checking out the other titles in this series.

  2. Book Guild

    This is a great book by Ian McFadyen. A good plot with strong characters it really is a very good murder mystery novel. The book keeps you enthralled to the very end with a very strong finish. I would really recommend anyone who likes a good murder mystery reads this.

  3. Book Guild

    Completely at home with the writer ‘s style and his characters. Lillia’s Diary produced the unexpected and unpredictable in the twists and turns of the plot. A good read that did not disappoint.

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